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*wants to both hug and punch Kinka at the same time*
Haha, yeah I had that reaction, too. I’ve had this one written for a bit, but made myself finish and post Ceremony first to remind myself that things do turn out alright for Kinka and Vector. It just takes a while to get there.
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@ Marissalf: Kinka’s giving up Vector to protect him is a sacrifice in the truest meaning of the word, I hope she hasn’t given up her anchor as well.
That’s definitely a danger, especially since her only other close “friend” is Kaliyo, and we all know what kind of an influence she is.

@Sthirft, I like the descriptions of your IA’s thought process before taking a shot. It lends her an authentic “fresh out of the Academy” feel that’s fitting for someone just on their second mission.

@Zethrodek, Anyzama’s meeting should be interesting. I look forward to reading it.

@Lady-Jean, I like this look ahead to Maldecka’s future in Anniversaries. And I have to agree with the assessment of the JK prologue as well. It all happens so quickly in-game, which is why your look at becoming a Jedi from a young age is so fun to read.