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I'm a huge fan of the agent story (I've probably said that 1000 times on this forum and also the fact that I've leveled 3 of them :P). I'd probably just play "Star Wars: The Imperial Agent".

I think Consular gets a bad rap, still. I played Consular after having played a few other classes, and I actually liked it a lot. First chapter is the least interesting, but it all really comes together in the last chapter with some really amazing emotional moments.
Have to agree on the Consular Story, i grunted and pushed through chapter 1 and i really didnt like it but then all of a sudden were playing Diplomat and negotiator i felt much like Obi wan and then the whole sith thing the consular turned out to be one of my favorites.

Surprisingly i found the worst to be Inquisitor , it starts out good then goes off course then BAM here is your powerbase, not the palpatine slow rise i hoped for IMO.

My very first character was a Agent and it is the only class ive played through 3 times and never got fed up.