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Removed the ability to skip bosses.

Click Here for the Scum & Villainy Nightmare Mode 8-Man Progression Tracking Tool


With the release of the Nightmare version of Scum & Villainy expected on Tuesday July 9th, SuckaFish Guild is again offering a tool for tracking 8-Man Progression. This comes on the heels of the 8-Man Nightmare TFB tool we provided a month ago.

Changes in this version of the Tool

I am sure most of you who participated in the TFB Progression tracking thread are familiar with some of the issues we encountered. To be honest there were certain things we didn't think about. This time around we have learnt from that and improved on the tool. Below are the changes between the TFB tool and this S&V one:

  1. The scoring system has changed. Defeating each boss is worth 600 points for the first guild to do it. From then on the points awarded will decrease by a variable amount for every second that elapses between the first kill and the subsequent kills thereafter. This method allows us to take into account the difficulty of a boss and reward the guilds who are able to defeat those challenging bosses the fastest.

  2. Additionally, we have added a variable that determines how many days should elapse before the points awarded for defeating a boss will reduce by half. This variable is set to 7 days. For example, if the first guild to kill Titan 6 does it on day one they are awarded 600 points. Lets say the second guild to do it managed it on day 2 and are awarded 516 points. If the third guild to kill Titan 6 does so 7 days after the second guild, they are awarded 258 points (half of 516). This feature exists so we can reward the guilds that are able to defeat bosses within the first week.

    This graph provides a good visual of the scoring system. The x-axis represents days and the y-axis represents points.

  3. Skipping bosses (i.e. completing encounters in Hard Mode) will not be allowed if your guild is participating in this progression thread. With that said, a higher emphasis will be placed on verification screenshots. If kills aren't accompanied by a screenshot showing the achievement received, no points will be awarded. Without a screenshot we cannot prove that you defeated a boss in Nightmare Mode, so any bosses defeated thereafter will be invalidated. Please read the next section for more information on verifying boss kills

  4. Finally we have included additional bonus points for guilds that achieve first, second or third ranked kills on each boss and the two hour title.

The Verification of Boss Kills

In order to fully verify a kill and receive a 100% of the points for it you will need to provide a screenshot that contains three visuals.

But before we explain those visuals let's discuss how to take the screenshot with the UTC time-stamp window:

  1. Ensure the game client is in Fullscreen (Windowed) mode. This can be set in the Preferences/Graphics menu
  2. Click the UTC Clock link here and set the browser window to a size of your preference.
  3. Drag UTC time-stamp window over the SWTOR Client window and position it appropriately.
  4. On your keyboard, hit CTRL+Print Screen to capture your entire Desktop to your clipboard.
  5. In MS Paint, paste the contents of the clipboard (the captured image). Edit the image as preferred and save it.
  6. Alternatively, you can use screen capturing software like SnagIt or Snipping Tool. Snipping Tool is included in Windows 7.

Now onto the visuals we need to see in the screenshot. Please ensure the following items are clearly visible:

  1. The Nightmare Mode Achievement you receive for killing a particular boss.
  2. A UTC time-stamp which can be acquired from the UTC clock here: UTC Clock
  3. The difficulty of the instance which can be proved by capturing the achievement you receive for defeating a particular boss. Alternatively, difficulty can be verified by right clicking your character's portrait.
  4. Additionally, to verify your 2-Hour title, we need to see a screenshot of the title achievement and the UTC Time-stamp present so we can rank the acquisition of titles.
  5. Here is an example of a screenshot from Drop it like it's Hoth's World First NiM TFB kill of Dread Guards. Please do your best to ensure all verification screenshots follow that example.

Posting Verification Screenshots

Include the following items in your post:

  1. Guild Name
  2. Guild Website (If you have one)
  3. Server
  4. Region
  5. A link to the verification screenshot for each boss you have defeated.

At the end of the day we may not capture everything that could happen during progression. We didn't prepare for anyone skipping DG in NiM TFB and it's likely we will miss something similar in this one. Nonetheless,I know that the majority of us will compete fairly. However, if anything arises during this progression like what happened in NiM TFB, we reserve the right to disqualify any guild that has a part in it.

Good luck to everyone.
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