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I'm pretty he wasn't pointing out that the abilities hit at the same time, but that for some reason, if you look at the log on torparse that line is a different font and in raw log form, rather than being formatted like the rest of the log. It looks like it didn't get parsed in correctly. I've never seen an artifact like that in a parse before either.

It shows up on the damage dealt page, too, if you scroll down to the "broken down by time" section.
interesting...ill do another parse then, i dont see a logical reason "why" that happens either

edit: holy **** i just saw that, but in the original log it looks "normal" thats really... weird lol...

well, for some reason, the log looks fine, but the "orbital strike" wasnt counting as dmg done... take a look now:

it even has higher number because the actual orbital wasnt taken in count... not sure why this would happen, and i dont think i manually cropped this specific part for the "ending" because it has full length... so, not sure whats going on there... for example as well, its taking in consideration my "adrenal" before the actual Combat start... when u see all other logs (its always the same orbital cast + stealth + CD + hit), none of them have the adrenal because its used outside of combat, so its really ****ed up, i guess ill do another parse later when i legacy gear back.

look at the log .... i basically just uploaded the log again, and there it is
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