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simple... acid blade on... cast orbital strike / stealth/ wait 2.5 secs, pop CDs... (regen 12 energy as well) hidden strike in the same your orbital strike hits orbital crits + hidden strike crits + acid blade (next second)... people just need to be creative, theres a difference in numbers, if you hit hidden strike + OS at the same time, its a higher spike since both hit at 1 sec....

again something you can easily do in combat with a group used to play with an op... cast orbital, go stealth, wait for the pull, go hidden strike, perfect set up / start.

edit: aaah i see what you mean, didnt notice that, i guess its just the luckiest hit i have had ever... you need to activate hidden strike before orbital hit, so the actual "dmg" in the log is close to orbital hit... not always happens, for example my other log.
I'm pretty he wasn't pointing out that the abilities hit at the same time, but that for some reason, if you look at the log on torparse that line is a different font and in raw log form, rather than being formatted like the rest of the log. It looks like it didn't get parsed in correctly. I've never seen an artifact like that in a parse before either.

It shows up on the damage dealt page, too, if you scroll down to the "broken down by time" section.