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I don't get it you literally call it a super easy fight compared to pre nerf but then say you skip it to save time? If its super easy why are you skipping it even in an alt group? I mean I get the whole time restraint thing but if you are already downing it it means you have the mechanics down and should be able to kill it in a decent amount of attempts.
we skipped the first week because it was our first week we had to finish progression for last 2 bosses, so it took us 1 day to finish TFB with 1 group, then we had 1 day to attempt DG with second group (which included, 2 tanks that never did the fights as tanks, recently recruited milas had to get used to our strat... parklas first time doing fight as well... and we didnt have dulfyx as second healer... so after like 10-12 wipes on it, some of them were 80k - 40k maybe even less wipes, decided we had to skip to clear the rest before tuesday... we killed 3/4th and didnt have time for TFB... because my guild runs 3 groups, and sun/mon had a different group running as well, and everyone deserve their play time (they require alts, so couldnt have 2 runs at the same time).

Once the mechanics are figured out, specially for the new people doing different roles, took us like 10 wipes maybe 15 to kill yesterday... like i said, my Ssin tank sometimes gets "rejected" from hm SaV pug runs or other guild runs because hes undergeared, and there he is... so yeah its way too easy compared to pre nerf... watch our title stream, notice how my operative waste at least 10GCd or more in heals, just because enrage timer is so easy i decided to play it safety first, not counting it was an awful attempt with 3 Rez lol.... even with that it was a 2600 dps, but before nerf, wasting 1 dps GCD healing was basically a wipe.

just because i did the fight with my main, doesnt mean i know what to do, how to maximize, and play perfect an alt... thiol (tank main) -- glycol sniper.... invinc (dps main) --- hmaull tank.... dulfy (sorc heal) --- dulfyx op heal..... noodles mara dps --- noodle PT tank.... besides dulfy, 3 alts are different roles, tanking the fight, is way different than dpsing the fight .... that plus 3/4 mains being "new, first time to the fight".. in fact even bothari can be new to the fight, he was in our pre nerf kill, but only did like 20 wipes, not the 100+ the rest did, since he joined us later that week ... so it was not a super experienced group (in fights mechanics), neither it was the classic "i play with my alt, but i have two operatives, or two Tanks i legacy gear and play the same thing"

TL : DR before nerf it was "impossible" almost everyone killed with enrage, its true, but now it doesnt even require BiS gear to kill it, or purple augments, or full augmented chars, facts are up there ^^... then i agree is more casual than NiM... instead of 30 sec enrage, could have increased 5 secs + before ciphas 3rd shield, and reduce Adds hp by 5-10k Each, keep same enrage timer... way easier fight, still NiM mode worthy.
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