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To add more to this I was the top DPS the DG fight and was only at 2525.02 which pre nerf is close to not being able to kill said fight.


Was a pre-nerf kill and the dps requirement. We killed heriad before the third shield phase and it was still extremely close. I do believe pre nerf any dps class had the potential to kill the encounter if they played the class/fight close to perfection.

On that same note I do not believe bioware intended the fight to have to be executed to near perfection and alienate some classes that aren't from a metric standpoint performing well compared to others.

Semi on the same wave length I got to run the content with two raid groups (MoX, Hatred) and I believe accountability and responsibility for this fight are most important knowing the numbers and weakness/strength of the two groups
yup basically milas / parklas / botharia / sorvali carried our other alts :P but still lol... the alts were severely undergeared for what people think is requirement for this fight.... ask him about mi ssin tank getting 2 shoted to 5% on kephess fight... 17.5/17.5k two straight hits lol
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