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yeah that phase 1 burn is pretty intense. I switched out a relic just so I could get a lil more umph. Went from the proc dmg to the BA/SA combo helped a ton. Usually at 3k dps in phase 1 but I drop a ton in p2/p3 because BW hates me and targets me with all the Dooms and leashes always.
Hmm torparse is weird. I think you should look at total damage done for heirad and not DPS. Look at this...

Damage on Heirad Phase 1
Their first kill attempt:
SteadTotal dmg done - DPS
Stead - 232812 - 2231.33 <<<
Gorb - 310457 - 715.76
Merc (Ars) - 260535 - 600.67 (not his best day lol)
Sniper (MM) - 309424 - 713.32

Mix Hybrid and 36/3/7 MM Damage on Heirad Phase 1 [link]
2m 41s - 274122 - 1693.74 <<<
5m 1 - 275691 - 913.17 ???
7m 30s - 277329 - 615.94
6m 43s - 293223 - 726.21
3m 49 - 298837 - 1303.02 ???
7m 8s - 302236 706.19
5m 58s - 320309 - 894.04.

2 out of 3 of the 270K logs were from Hybrid Lethality. Then again, the 320K total damage done was also from Hybrid Lethality. Definitely the DoT spec needs more fine-tuning compared to burst DPS specs in order to pull off that 300K on Heirad. But getting past P1, the Lethality sniper should be a very good asset thoughout p2 and p3 **especially** when you are the one getting Doom. I think I would prefer to get Doom as Hybrid so that melee classes and ranged classes running turret specs can do most of their DPS. In the meantime I just run around with DoTs ticking and the ocassional 2 second Cull (quite easy to pull off; more than enough time to clear doom stacks).

In light of the recent enrage nerf and "what's the best DPS composition for DG Council" topic, i think it's a good idea to have 1 ranged DoT class for P2 and P3. Or you could always just plow through the fight with crazy burst DPS >_>

EDIT: Nvm, found out why the DPS numbers are skewed.
22:45:03.273 Heirad kills Steadfast. <<<
20:36:22.614 Ciphas kills B'oarder. <<<
Still dont know what to make of ??? though.
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