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Quote: Originally Posted by SpoeMeister View Post
  • Before each encounter, Stealth sap 1 elite mob or higher. (Humanoids only)
  • At the start of each encounter, Whirlwind 1 elite mob or higher.
I would just like to point out that you have not fixed this yet.

This is REALLY a bad idea. Unless you spec into instant whirlwind, assassins are better off removing it completely than they are using it as a CC. Incidentally, there is no longer any instant whirlwind.

If you MUST has something to replace it, then perhaps this:

If the fight is going badly, use Force Stealth to leave combat. If you are the last person alive, and have no damage over time or heal over time effects on you, you will be able to revive the healer so the group can recover more quickly. With practice, you might even be able to revive somebody in the middle of a fight, preventing the wipe completely. The same thing applies to operatives.