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Quote: Originally Posted by Carlenux View Post ? :P

one tank... crafted stuff

my tank lol ... judge the WP / aim difference to see my 150 / 156 gear and crafted lol.

healer missing 5 kits, some legacied gear using crafts on dps,.. so yeah was a LOT harder than it should lol.

in skills.. this group is a 10/10... in gear its a 7/10... 2 dps BiS... rest combination of 168 with bad stuffs (legacy over from alts or faction).... i mean i dont even gear that tank, he has 2 168 armorings, one 162... rest 150 (MH/OH 156)... partisan /war hero... 69 mods... crafted implant.. 4 / 7 enhancements 72s... dulfy's alt has most verpine, missing half augmented gear lol, not counting that almost all Augs. are blue not purple in 4 of us lol.... so yeah it doesnt even require any kind of Min / Max.

then again, if everyone would have done attempts before nerf, and wipes like they should, instead of skipping or waiting, they would understand how the 30 sec extra enrage makes it a super easy fight "COMPARED" to pre nerf... still a really hard fight.... before it wasnt impossible... now its not even Min Max required, or close to it .

PD: thats our alt run // second group btw.... we did skip last week and didnt have time to kill TFB, just op / kephess, but all gear won by "not mains" are being legacied over to mains, so yeah, there is not a "gear improvement" lol.
To add more to this I was the top DPS the DG fight and was only at 2525.02 which pre nerf is close to not being able to kill said fight.


Was a pre-nerf kill and the dps requirement. We killed heriad before the third shield phase and it was still extremely close. I do believe pre nerf any dps class had the potential to kill the encounter if they played the class/fight close to perfection.

On that same note I do not believe bioware intended the fight to have to be executed to near perfection and alienate some classes that aren't from a metric standpoint performing well compared to others.

Semi on the same wave length I got to run the content with two raid groups (MoX, Hatred) and I believe accountability and responsibility for this fight are most important knowing the numbers and weakness/strength of the two groups