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I like nerf on the enrage timer... maybe not 30 seconds... but now at least 3 Ciphas bubbles don't automatically mean a wipe. I think now it opens the fight more for less bursty specs that can't put out X amount of damage as fast. E.g. MM Sniper versus DoT Sniper. When Ciphas jumps you want to absolutely burst that bubble as fast as you can. Not very easy to do as DoT spec. See this scenario: dot 1, dot 2, dot 3 on Heirad, then boom. Ciphas jumps and puts up his bubble. What do you do...? Put dot 1 again, put dot 2 again (on Ciphas) then you channel Cull. That's 5 GCDs spent putting DoTs up before you can do any sort of DPS. 3 of those dots (on Heirad) are doing nothing and the damage is even getting reflected back to you (iirc). Compare that to a MM Sniper who in the same amount of time (5 GCDs = 7.5 seconds) has already done, Ambush FT, SoS FT ~20-25K damage.

But that can be alleviated when you get used to your raid's DPS and can anticipate the jump. Its just.. well as with all nerfs, makes the fight a little bit easier and gives you a larger room for error.
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