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that bit about healers shouldn't overheal is more important though it can much to easily screw your energy without you ever noticing.
as a rule of thumb, for most content starting the Heal cast when the tank is at 75% is more than enough. almost everything that hits for more could have been avoided or is clearly announced by a red Text or a cast.
(if that isn't standard, in the options you can enable to see all enemy cast bars below their names even without having them targeted)
Tanks perform best when full healed, or at least when the healer maintains cheap buffs and HoT on them.
Watching the fight and waiting the tank lost 1/4 of his health before pressing a key doesn't look like an optimal use of the healer time. When they meet a slow healer, the tanks will trigger their cooldown early despite they're much more expensive than the regular heals (some cooldowns can be used once per pull or once every 2 pulls for instance)

Playing a healer, I don't see how I could run out of energy during pack fights by just healing the tank and the DPS. Healers might be short of energy when they don't use their regenerations powers efficiently, spend efforts to heal themselves from non handled attackers or when they DPS.