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07.04.2013 , 01:30 AM | #28
I'm glad there's a thread about this. I noticed the problem the minute the vestments were launched (I worked hard to get them as soon as possible), and I foolishly assumed the graphical glitch would be fixed quickly via patch, since it was an item we pay money for.

When lauched there was also an issue with male non-humans, but that seems to have been fixed.

Now the only problem is with female body types, and it occurs on every single species as far as I can tell. Pictures:

- On human
- On human, close up view
- On Chiss
- On Sith pureblood
- On Zabrak
- On Zabrak, back view
- On Rattatki (harder to see on this one, possibly because of dark side corruption, but it's still visible even here)

Bioware please fix this!