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07.03.2013 , 07:43 PM | #56
The enrage timer change simply gives you 30 more seconds to kill Kel'sara, since 3 lightning phases on heirad is a wipe anyway, so that DPS check is unchanged. You still need DPS pulling 2800+ (8 man) to down Heirad before he wipes the raid. Taking any longer on Ciphas than before means more puddles to deal with, which is a soft enrage mechanic in itself. Kel'sara was enraging before most guilds could even work her mechanics. It was 100% possible to do before the nerf (as shown), but the enrage change is not going to let many more guilds clear it than would've before the change anyway, you still need 2800+ DPS, you just don't need 3000. It's a minor tweak, and though I think it should've been left as is, it's honestly not making any casuals able to clear it.
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