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I really feel that the Devs need to relook at crafted items. I believe that all crafted items should be modible item. Learning patterns from a trainer grants green schematics. By reverse engineering these Items you learn a blue quality and then a purple quality item.

Armorings, Mods, Enhancements, Barrels and Hilts follow this pattern also yet miss out on the stats that are offered from aditional crafted gear. I believe this was a concept to make them desirable vs Moddable gear. I would just like to provide an outline of what I think should have happend with crafted gear.

Armorings, Barrels and Hilts:
Crafted Greens are Base Stats (Cunning, Strength, Willpower, Aim)
Crafted Blues are Base+, A or B varients (Like Mods and Enhancements)
Base+ increases both stats on the Item
A increases the primary stat.(Reflex, Skill, Might, Resolve)
B Increases the Endurance stat.(Commando, Patron, Guardian, Force Wielder)
Crafted Purples would then be Advanced versions of the blue varients.

Like Armorings, Hilts and Barrels you would start with a base green Item with base stats offered.
Crafted Blues are "Crit, Overkill and Redoubt"
Crafted Pueples can then follow the path like other crafted items.

Enhancement also should have used the A/B formula in my opinion. There are just too many to start with. If I make a Critical Enhancement it contains Endurance and Crit stats. If I revers engineer it, it should do a split like the Armorings. The Bastion, Immunity and Steadfast all give access to Defense, Shield and Endurance. If you combined these three into one green pattern (Bastion 39 End, 19 Def, 49 Shield) and then reverse engineer it to 3 modes of blue. (Bastion 46 End, 23 Def, 58 Shield, Bastion A 39 End, 37 Def, Shld 51, Bastion B 58 End, 19 Def, 50 Shld.) Even if the Green was named and the Blue sperated into 2 A/B varients and then 3 from both of those 2 we would have less Enhancements then 3-3-3 method in use.

Crafted Armor:
All crafted Armor should have been made moddable where the pattern is a green shell with green modifications. Reverse engineer it for the 3 options of Crit, Ovrkill and Redoubt and have the Mod and Enhancement adjust to what it is you are making. So you start with a Chest that has 105 Cunning, 138 Endurance and 50 Alacrity. These stats would be spread between the Armoring, Mod and Enhancement to be equal stat wise to a green armoring mod and enhancement of same level. You Reverse Engineer this chest and learn the Overkill Varient. This adds the stat Power to the mix. Now it is blue so the Armoring and mods are increased to blue the mod gains the Power stat. Then you RE this one and learn the Expert variety. You end up with a Piece of Armor with 115 Cun, 144 End, 56 Pow, 50 Alac, and 53 Surge which is applied to the Enhancement. So you end up with an Purple Armor shell with Purple Armoring (Cun+End), Mod (Cun+End+Pow) and Enhancment (End+Alac+Surge).

Crafted Weapons should have followed the same pattern as Armor.

Droid Parts and Offhands also should have followed a progression simillar in fashion as Armor and Weapons. Ear, Implants and Relics ccould go either way IMO. Stay as is or even they could be moddable. I do believe that Artifice NEEDS to have low level neutral relics that can be RE'd from green to purrple.

All crafting professions should have had a consumable item. I think we are just about there now with Aug Kits and now Color Kits to go with Stims, Adrenals, Medpacks and Grenades. So everyone has an item that when used is gone forever and can not be used again in another place.

EoG BiS BoP:
Every crafter HAD something only they could have access to at launch (except Armstech). Artifice-Relics, Armormech/Synthweaver Bracer/Belt, Cybertech Reusable Grenades, Biochem Reusable Med, Stim Adrenals.

IMO ALL crafting proffesions should have something only they have access to at End Game. A Masterwork Item that is BiS BoP. Artifice would have Relic, Lightsaber, and Offhand Gen/Shld/Foci. Armormech/Synthweaver I would stick with Belt and Bracers and maybe Boots and/or Gloves. Armstech would be a Weapon and Offhand. This would include Tech/Electro Staves/Blades, and Knife and Shotgun. Cybertech would have Droid Part, Reusable Grenades and Earpiece. Biochem would have Reusable Stims, Adrenals and Medpacs as well as Implants.

All these Masterwork Items should require endgame crafting material but this gives a player incentive to take that profession over another.