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07.03.2013 , 05:54 PM | #4
Question about the skill tree, why take Diversion when it can't be used on Ops bosses? Although I suppose it could be useful for certain adds or something? Also in an Ops environment, why take Kneecappin'? Later on you state that if a Guardian or Commando is already providing an Armor Debuff you should refrain from using Flourish Shot in your rotation, is the Trauma debuff useful on certain bosses?

Personally I've been using 2 points in Heads Up instead of Kneecappin', mostly I find that the speed boost out of a roll during sandstorms in the Dash'roode encounter is nice to have but other than that I have no real argument for it, was just curious on the thought process for Kneecappin'. So just a couple curious questions I had, great guide though!