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I'm glad it is being investigated and that we know they are aware of the concern. I pray the 'investigation' is done quickly and that we get a fix on the way soon. I love my Shadow. I don't want him to retire.

Hopefully they won't be giving a timeline because we're up for a hotfix? 2.3? Please not 2.4. If it is that long, my shadow will be retired.
My shadow and assassin tanks are already retired. Double XP has been great for leveling a guardian. It feels much more solid. Can't believe I struggled through shadow tanking for so long in 2.0, watching my health drop to 2k with my heart in my mouth hoping healers weren't caught between GCDs. Watching my assassin co-tank get mysteriously one-shot from 85% and have everyone mystified at why, secretly wondering if he just wasn't 'good' enough to hit the right cooldown in time. Well, thankfully the forums helped clear up what was going on. His PT never has that issue.

As for me, Guardian. Plenty of AOE threat, unbelievable cooldowns, great utility. Go for it. Sure it's a little dumber, you basically hit your cooldown buttons one by one, but it sure beats being dead.

Unfortunately, I only have time to do this on the pub side. I'm no longer endgame tanking on imp side. Don't really see a use for my Assassin or Shadow since they can't DPS competitively either... at least they have 5 companions for farming crafting mats.
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