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Hey guys,

Apologies for the silence on this. I wanted to pass this back to the combat guys and make sure we had an in-depth conversation about Shadow/Assassin tanks before coming back to you guys. What I can say is that we are investigating the Shadow/Assassin tank’s performance against hard-hitting Operations bosses. I have no timeline on any potential changes right now but I at least wanted you guys to know that we are aware of your concerns.

Depressingly bare in the information department, but I think we all understand that your hands are tied in this respect. I would strongly, strongly encourage the combat team to either pass on to you very detailed information, or (even better) post here themselves. We've developed extensive mathematical models and simulations to illuminate and explore this problem; we would appreciate if the tenor of the discussion is preserved in that form. (in other words, a vague reference to "metrics" is likely to spark another revolt)

Thank you again for finally getting back to us. As frustrating as it is to have very little information in this area, it's better than *no* information or acknowledgement.
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