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Hey guys,

Apologies for the silence on this. I wanted to pass this back to the combat guys and make sure we had an in-depth conversation about Shadow/Assassin tanks before coming back to you guys. What I can say is that we are investigating the Shadow/Assassin tank’s performance against hard-hitting Operations bosses. I have no timeline on any potential changes right now but I at least wanted you guys to know that we are aware of your concerns.

So it only took a month and a half and Leafy committing forum seppuku for us to finally get a response, much less any attention. I find it incredibly disheartening that after *everything we've done" the best we get is "investigating* (because, you know, it's not like we haven't presented them with a *crapton* of evidence and math) and "no timeline". Awesome...

I am very happy that we *finally* got a response though. Maybe the community mods will finally feel like coming over to the class forums more than once in a blue moon.
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