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07.03.2013 , 10:18 AM | #21
they are only "nice to have" points, because they aren't likely to cause a Death.
(and much better and simpler phrased then i ever could even in my own language.)

that bit about healers shouldn't overheal is more important though it can much to easily screw your energy without you ever noticing.
as a rule of thumb, for most content starting the Heal cast when the tank is at 75% is more than enough. almost everything that hits for more could have been avoided or is clearly announced by a red Text or a cast.
(if that isn't standard, in the options you can enable to see all enemy cast bars below their names even without having them targeted)

tell your group if someone takes unnecessary damage as the healer you are most likely the first one to notice that.
and even after a fight is successfully over it's good to pass that along, preferably with a /W (if they suddenly start moving out of the AOE that problem most likely has solved itself).
if you aren't sure if that was avoidable damage make it a question.

also don't hesitate to tell them when it isn't worth to move out of AOE (prime example would be the H4 in Black Hole the AOE there isn't strong enough to justify reducing your DPS.)
or if they could stand closer together to make AOE heals possible...

healing is just as much about communicating as pressing Buttons.