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07.03.2013 , 09:12 AM | #15
-I did curse previously once, and nothing was said.
-I didn't do any weird combination of letters+symbols to bypass the language filters
-I got whispers from both of the other individuals who didn't initiate the kick apologizing for the tank being like that
-I was being a good healer. -__- I wasn't pulling for the tank, I wasn't attacking CC'd mobs, and I actually hadn't rolled on anything that dropped in that flashpoint.

Sooooo, ya. I don't know. I put the tank on ignore but that was still dumb. /annoyedforhours

EDIT: The kick system in this game seems pretty... awful. =/
EDIT2: I'm actually deployed atm so the times I get on are limited and the amount of time I have is even more limited which is why this was so frustrating. =P
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