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AP needed it more than you. Sustained DPS specs like AP need more sustained defense to put it out. I agree that you're flat out broken after the nerfs as pyro, but if you got to keep your burst, losing the shield doesn't mean too much. A good defense is a good offense.
LOL Well we're not sustained DPS anymore now are we? Pyro needed the rebounder. They should have come up with something better for AP.

For example: They should have given AP oil slick instead, it's a better defensive CD since it slows everyone down and takes 30% accuracy away. Not to mention that it seems more of a 'gadget-type' thing. A creative dev would have taken it further and then allowed AP to ignite the oil slick with PFT - burning all hostiles inside of it. The best skills are the ones that all fit and work together. Oil slick would at least make PFT easier to apply to more people.