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Its the same with all classes though I don't think any class has had a period of time where all three specs were useful.

Pyrotechs make quite good tanks now I've found when well played where is Sin tanks are mediocre but their deception tree is useful in Pvp.

Sorcerers madness tree used to be good in pvp but it took a knock with some of its changes and its other trees were boosted.

Look at sentinels and watchman, now there is a prime example its next to useless in Pvp now the opposite of what it used to be. Nerfs and buffs, what I hate is the bugs within the warzone bolster and gearing system Its ridiculous some of it. They come up with proc relics which don't even work properly Pvp is a shambles at the moment in general nothing specific to any one class.

Bioware will never admit their mistakes they believe the majority want this bugged system. If it worked like it was supposed to maybe it would help but clearly their programmers are mediocre at best I know this is complicated work but for the cash they invested in this game the amount of bugs is ridiculous.