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With all this talk about this edition of SWTOR PvP being very healer friendly, more specifically the Scoundrels/Operatives *(WHICH I DON"T THINK ARE OP)* I wanted to dive in and find out exactly why it ended up this way. Why is this such a healer friendly PvP now? Why do so many people THINK Scoundrels/Operatives are OP?

Well the obvious thing would be to look at the classes themselves. (From this point on I will be saying this from the Imperial perspective in terms of names of abilities and talents because that is what I have played). The biggest claim to the Operatives being OP is the roll. Yes its a BIG game changer and we have seen that with strategies revolving around using those rolls effectively, especially at the start of games/rounds. Although there are many tools that all the classes have to slowdown or root the Operatives in combat that severely reduce its effectiveness. Not enough people use them efficiently and in turn see the Operatives as "OP."

Healing across the board has gone up between all three classes. Yes the Operatives and Sorcs seem to be a little more effective in a WZ, but the Merc really isn't as far behind as some may think. I haven't really thought about exactly what the Mercs would need, but that's not what this thread is about so I'll move on and save that thought for later. As mentioned, the healing output has gone up overall and so has DPS......mostly

This brings me to my main point. Before 2.0 one of the most powerful burst DPS classes in the game was the Pyrotech. Even going back to early patches, it continued to be slightly nerfed over and over, but still was a monster of a DPS class. Although, come 2.0 it took a severe hit and now rarely do you see a full Pyrotech in game. Mostly people have gone to hybrid specs that involve getting Oil Slick, changed to Advanced Prototype, or changed to Tank.

Now lets say....Pyrotech had the 1.7 Thermal Detonator and CGC damage wasn't nerfed by 50%, BUT the Advanced Prototype tree looked as it does presently (basically Charged Gauntlets being tied to Prototype Cylinder Ventilation) as to not have the crazy hybrid from the first 2.0 PTS. What would we be seeing today? Would healing still be king in PvP? Would the cries of OP rolls still be happening as much? (Because you know there would still be whining about it no matter what )

Remember, CGC was mainly done from your Flame Burst which was a low heat and constantly used attack in Pyro, which would constantly apply a 30% slow to the affected target, which in turn would severely lesson the effectiveness of the roll as it would only go half distance. Plus Flame Sweep in 2.0 applying CGC and at a lower heat cost would help with slowing multiple healers. Finally, we know how many people had been playing the Pyrotech, including myself (although I thoroughly enjoy the fun of AdvProto).

Anyway, not sure exactly how to "conclude" this post except to just put it up for discussion. How different would WZs be if Pyrotech didn't get the CGC nerf and change to Thermal Detonator? Would it still be healer friendly? Would we see too many corpses on the battlefield? Or would it actually be a little more balanced?
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