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For those of you reading the darth hater assessment on energy for the DPS operative please do not do the following:

Why you wouldn't open a fight with Hidden Strike is beyond me. It's our hardest hitting ability that also grants Tactical Advantage, for an immediately stim boost. You then follow this up with Acid Blade/Backstab and Shiv which brings you back to 1 tactical advantage for the increased 2% damage. After that you try to never drop below 1 stack of TA.

Also, the follwing is incorrect as well:

No way our T3 ability is going to hit harder than our T7 one. Furthermore, the energy cost of Acid Blade/Backstab is only 13, compared to the 45 you will need to expend for Shiv, Laceration, Laceration if Collateral Strike procs.

Not only does Acid Blade/Backstab hit hard, it also has an approximate 153 damage per energy ratio compared to a full Shiv/Laceration/Collateral Strike/Laceration combo, which is approximately 86 damage per energy. Even if you wanted to add in another Laceration you can't as all you wil achieve is dropping your energy regeneration into sub optimal levels.

Laceration is for only in the following situations:
  • You cannot bet behind your target to Acid Blade/Backstab;
  • In PvP where sustaining your energy isn't as important as your fights are generally sprints and not sustained like an operation;
  • Everything else in your priority is on CD and you are about to cap energy. Be very careful here as you may burn your TA and either drop the 2% damage buff or worse leave your self unable to reapllly Stim Boost; and
  • In burn phases where your energy regen isn't important.

Laceration, while great when Collateral Strike Procs (which is only 50%) is still no where near as good as Acid Blade/Backstab, especially as it does not benefit from Meticulously Kept Blades, for 30% increased crit damage.
Great information thank you!
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