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How to streamline your system ready for SWTOR.

Important please read:
This guide is intended for Windows 7 users. It covers beginner, intermediate and advanced features to clean your PC, streamline it, and remove any unwanted services that Windows may choose to start up by itself.

The guide is aimed at the low-mid ranged system, although people with high end systems are reporting performance increases as well.

All usage of this guide is undertaken purely by the user at his/her own discretion. I will not be held liable for any errors or failure to boot scenarios that may occur as a result of following this guide.


Win 7 is Engineered for speed. It might not seem like it to some people, but believe it or not, considerable attention has been given by Microsoft to making Win 7 faster than any other Microsoft OS. It is faster than Vista, and MUCH faster than Win xp, but on a basic install and day to day use, most people dont see it.

This guide is designed for you to achieve faster Boot times, faster read/write times, and generally to give you a much faster and smoother experience with Windows 7, allowing your system to use the extra resources to power your games.

I can personally guarantee that if you follow this and implement the recommendations on your PC, you will see a performance gain. Before you do however, please read the guide in full and make sure you understand it before you attempt any configuration changes.

All information in this guide is devised from the Microsoft developers network (MSDN) and support Knowledgebase and from my own experience. Any resemblance to any other guides is purely coincidental. For more information, feel free to check out Microsofts Support for yourself

Min requirements for Win 7
  • 1GHz processor (32- or 64-bit)
  • 1GB of main memory
  • 16GB of available disk space
  • Support for DX9 graphics with 128MB of memory (for the Aero interface)
  • A DVD R/W drive

Notice how it states a DX 9 Graphics card.. Please note that you dont need a DX9 or above card for this guide, as our aim is to achieve performance, and not the sparkly effects. Also note, that after you complete the implementations in this guide, you can always turn on the effects you like, but at a performance loss.


Disable Search Feature
Disable Aero Theme
Disable Extra Effects
Disable Extra Services
Disable User Account Control
Disable Unused Features
Disable Sidebar/Gadgets
Changing the Power Plan
Recommended Software


Speed up System Boot time
Troubleshooting : Change no. of processors used at boot.
Speed up the Menu Show Delay time
Speed up system shutdown

Important: Before you perform any of the steps in this guide, please make sure you create a system restore point; so if you get any negative results, you can easily 'rewind' your computer to how it was before.

Now on with the guide!

Disabling the Search Indexing Feature in win7

The majority of win 7 users do a very low amount of searches in their system. The Search Indexing Service (SIS) keeps track of files, so that you can find them quickly when you perform a query on your system.

This feature is only useful if you perform frequent searches on your system.

For people who rarely or dont use the search feature, the SIS is a HUGE resource eater. It still uses resources on your machine, even if you are not using it.

To disable this feature:
  • Right click the My Computer Icon on your desktop and select the option called "MANAGE"
  • On the left hand side of the windows, you will see a pane titled Computer Management. Click the plus symbol next to Services and applications in this window.
  • Now click on Services and wait for the new pane to load.
  • You will see a lot of services that windows uses in this new pane. Scroll through these services, until you come to a service called Windows Search
  • Right click on the Windows Search Service in the list, and choose Properties.
  • A window called Window Search Properties should pop up. Where it says STARTUP type, click on the dropdown menu and choose Disabled
Now click Apply, then OK and youre done. The SIS is now disabled.

Disabling the Aero Theme

Oh boy. While this feature of Win 7 certainly looks pretty and eye catching, it is a major resource hog, both in terms of base system resources and on your Graphics card. For those on low power systems, or if youre like me, you just want a blazing fast PC, it is a VERY good idea to disable it. If you are unsure, just check the memory consumption when it is turned off and on.

To disable Aero:
  • Right click on any blank space on your desktop and select Personalize.
  • In the new window you will see a lot of themes. Scroll down to the bottom until you reach Basic and High Contrast Themes
  • Choose Windows Classic, and wait for your system to be updated to the new theme.

You can now close this window. Aero is turned off and you have the fastest theme on your system.
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