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I do have to agree with you. Setting to ignore flirts options would be great. Having an option added to ignore same sex. Then another one to ignore opposite sex flirt as well. One thing that actually bugged me was how the hetero sex with companion was just shoved down my throat.

It like I am playing a female character and in order to get the companion achievement I had to max affection out with them. While doing this. The males always proposed to me. Even though I turned them down. The game treated it as if I had said yes. As they keep calling me wife and love.

Which makes it happy with the final boss in scum and villainy. It so nice getting put in the nightmare and killing my ex lover. Really BioWare need to add same gender romances for companion soon. So I can get a real marriage with my companion.

Also because this is sci-fi. People need to stop looking at it as a male/female only type deal. Star wars has shapeshifters. It has cloning. Genesplicing and cybernetics. Why can it not have stuff like hermaphrodite and non gender character? Really people this is sci-fi open your mind a bit.
If they proposed, why did you start flirting with them to begin with? o.O
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