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07.02.2013 , 02:47 PM | #43
One feature for the VG Tank that really has not been mentioned in this thread is "Hold the Line" as it is a wonderful edition to my VG tanking arsenal. Popping it before a trash pull when i am about to use Mortar Volley to prevent a knockback interruption. Or using having to run a grenade quickly out of the way on Titan 6. It's great tool. However by far it greatest use in a boss fight is the final boss in Scum and Villain when he does his force "pull" aka throw you around like a little b****. I have tanked Dread Master Styrak so many times In SM and HM i've memorized his attack patterns and have timed my hold the lines perfectly i almost never suffer the pull anymore (except when he does his enrage at end oinly becuase the 5 secs runs out). But since he follows 2 basic patterns, once you figure out which one, which happens at the start of the fight anyhow, my vanguard always Main tanks this guy and always has the easiest time tanking compared to guardians and shadows in our guild.