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Before I jump on the bandwagon for agreeing some things to consider.
1. You said for saying one curse word. Did you intentionally bypass the profanity filter? Had you use profanities before and they warned you? Did they say something to you when they kicked you?
2. Had you been needing on gear that you shouldn't have been?
3. Were you generally being a dumb***? e.g. jumping in in front of the tank, breaking CCs, ignoring instructions?

While it is entirely possible they kicked you for loot, it's also entirely possible they kicked you for other behaviour and the profanity was the final straw.
Yes, if you're doing any of the above(and this is not an accusation), I would suggest that you straighten up and fly right(wow, is that saying old or what?) and understand that there is common courtesy and a general understanding of the "guidelines" as far as the Elder Game goes.
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