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Many of us, are not surprised...remove this crap from 55's, your team has proven they can't execute this with any amount of developmental skill.

Sry Eric, 3 months of this is old.
LOL, so true. I'm pretty sure I am the most forgiving / understanding SWTOR players around but I have very low regard for the folks responsible for PvP bolster. Sure, everyone makes mistakes but the stubborn refusal to flush endgame bolster down the toilet where it belongs and the resulting slow motion train wreck is sad.

TANGENT: is there a post somewhere that clearly lays out the goals of endgame bolster? Given my experience in the huttball grabbing macro thread I realize that BW and I have very different concepts of clearly laid out.

Presumably one of these would be:
  • Using a bolstered PvE item should never be better than using the corresponding Partizan item

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