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This past month we ran Operations of EC Nightmare Mode, EC Hard Mode, TFB Storymode, S&V story mode, EV Story mode, EV 16 man Nightmare Mode, and KP 16 man Nightmare Mode. We also defeated a large number of world bosses on planets from Courscant to Hoth as well as Toborro's Courtyard.

For RP activities we had weekly events as well as our monthly Guild meeting. RP activities included Thirteenth Legion members fielding a large operation to rescue Master Emin-joh from Outlaw's Den on Tatooine.

While we are not a huge guild we do have enough members that we got the full guild XP and Reputation bonuses within a couple days of 2.2 going live.

Come check us out! We would love to have you play SWTOR with us.
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