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I realize that an abundance of CC is inefficient. I also realize that CC'ing over half of the encountered pack is redundant.

However, the goal of this guide is to create a baseline set of responsibilities that one player has, based on his role and his advanced class. This way even my 83-year-old grandmother would know how to go about in Flashpoints. I am assuming for the baseline that I am working with people that have no idea how to handle "difficult" content and that do not have the gear to compensate for their inability.

Off course, when skill/gear is no issue, you don't need all this CC. I realize that. But there are people among us that have neither and are still in learning. When I guide these people through Hardmode Flashpoints (our guild is a very noob-friendly guild), we set up a baseline before we enter (x amount of enemies need to be CC'd). We reduce this number each time we succesfully finish a flashpoint. When I run with the other experienced players, we don't CC any of the targets and even pull multiple packs because we can...

Finally, even though CC has been mentioned many times, please realize that this is because I have given a set of responsibilities to individuals. If you are a Sorcerer healer, you will get the set of both Sorcerers as Healers responsibilities, but they overlap each other.
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