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Hmm, I've played sorcerer for the past couple of weeks now (leveled it to 48) and I've been in Flashpoints as both a healer and a damage dealer, but always lightning specced and I have never run out of energy in between fights because of the bubble. But I see your point that for example Madness specs can get energy starved real quick. I will edit the post to just the tank. I still believe the tank should be bubbled at all times when there's a sorc in the group, regardless of his/her role.

I have edited the OP to add the following things:

1. Changed the frequency of putting up bubbles in the Sorcerer Section.
2. Added "heal up in between encounters" to the general section.
3. Added "Never knock back a group of enemies that are next to the tank" to the general section.

Thanks already for the great advice.
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