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Firstly I would like to remind everyone to try to be as respectful as possible. Questions on odd patters in parses are always appreciated as I would like as much help as possible but it must be presented with decency, please don't accuse people of cheating until definite proof can be presented.

Secondly I have been reviewing a couple of parses after questions about Beastfury's record and Invinc's Lethality and come to a solution which I believe is manageable.

Stacks such as Rage/Focus or buffs which requires combat are not allowed to be present before the start of the parse. However building Centering or adding buffs using respec is allowed due to that such measures can always be used during actual raid fights. I am always open to suggestions however and please say, with reasoning, if anyone has any objections.

Lastly, are people interested in a "Top 5/10" list where an armor debuff is allowed to evaluate the effectiveness of each class in an actual raid situation?
Sounds reasonable on what's allowed/disqualified. I think figuring out class performance in raids is what this thread is most useful for (except for assassin/shadows which obviously can perform a bit higher in actual raids - but the same can be said for marauder/sentinel as well..and any other class with a sub 30% skill) thus anyone not possibly done in a raid should be disqualified.

But as to armor debuff parse, I think it just decreases accessibility and doesn't really show anything extra - no class benefits more than any other class by having armor debuff present (as far as I know? maybe melee/ranged would benefit more than tech/force predominant people though).
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