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i understand where you are coming from with the overkill. But I'm assuming that the people who need this guide are fresh 50/55's that are eager to gear through flashpoints. Imagine they are all still in 48 greens. in that case it is wise to eliminate as many enemies as possible and that is when a detailed job description comes in handy.

I just finished a Directive 7 story mode (level 49) on my 46 sorcerer with my guilds during double xp weekend. we are leveling together so the average level was 47. we managed to complete it without wipes because of these tactics. we all know what we had to do. it was the basis for writing this guide.

is only the sorcs whirlwind a 1 minute stun? I thought whirlwind as a base had a 1 minute duration except in pvp, where it's 8 seconds long...
I will add your general tip to the list tomorrow, when I'm not working on a mobile phone
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