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Hey, Courtney, would it be possible to give some tips on how to effectively write good villains ? I mean in stories. Literature.

I would first start with their motivations. Like many people have already said in this thread, some of the best villains are characters who start off with good intentions, but their execution is what makes them "evil." A character's motivation, particularly the villain's, is what often drives the plot forward.

Once you have their motivations, start to sculpt the finer details of the character - mainly their back story and personality quirks. A great exercise is to literally write out what an average daily schedule would look like for that character. None of this needs to be in your final story, but it helps to make that character seem more realistic and three dimensional, which is especially important for a villain, who might not actually see a lot of page time.

I personally think that appearance is secondary, unless it affects the character's motivation. It's much more important to figure out the inner workings of a villain before focusing on the outward shell.

Hope that helps!
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