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I thought this thread was about comparing DPS build/specs while controlling as many variables as possible; there is a slight change from what you say. Considering Shadows/Assassins do noticeably less DPS it may be a long time until they achieve greater than 72 gear, which means the disparity will continue to widen.

Also, I personally used this thread as a means to validate theorycrafting efforts.
I agree, there was a semi-lengthy conversation a while back about the purpose of t his thread. And (i think) the "majority" of the people who have been posting and check out logs agreed that these parses are useful information when comparing spec by spec. Not Sniper versus Assassin for example. One can see this in the numerous individual conversations that goes on solely between the juggs and guardians, then you have the mercs / commandos talking to each other, abd more recently the sin / shadow DPSers (etc etc).
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