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First off, Fovoss pre-built buffs and resource is his/her parse. I don't know if this is against the rules or not, but I am just pointing it out.

Several of the top parses are now being posted by members of guilds who have cleared NiM TfB, which means they have access to one or more Kell Dragon pieces and have a higher theoretical DPS cap. I feel it is kind of meaningless to compare BiS 72 DPS numbers with BiS 75 numbers. (The matter will become more severe next week with NiM S&V.)

Is it worth creating a new thread or separate leader boards based on gear tier?
It's true that there is a higher theoretical DPS cap but eventually everyone who has top parses to post will have 72+ gear, and as this thread is more of a means to see how different dps classes perform against others, everyone has gotten the general idea of how 72 geared dps parses fair against others. It would be interesting to see a growth table for specific tiers of gear, but that may be a little much for people to wrap their minds around

Myself specifically in 72 bis I was doing (2900-2950), but now with 3x pieces (Offhand, Relic, Bracers) of Kell I do (2950-3000).
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