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07.01.2013 , 10:42 AM | #5
Not bad but some of it is overkill. For most trash pulls CCing mobs is a waste of time. Running most 50 or 55 HM flashpoints if I'm in a group where every trash pull is CCIng I'd pull my hair out.

A good tank knows when to CC and when to gather mobs for AOE.

Also I'd boot any assassin using whirlwind on every fight. 6 second CC is a waste of time and can confuse people into thinking a mob is really CCed.

I'd also amend the healer "Keep the tank at max" to "keep the tank alive". A good healer will judge where to keep the tank to avoid even coming close to death and do other things accordingly.

Finally I'd add in an "everyone""
- Don't stand there after a fight waiting for a healer to heal you. If the healer is recharging you should too.