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07.01.2013 , 08:13 AM | #84
Well as a long time SUB I'm hoping it's something tangible and not something crappy like fireworks or faction fireworks that went away after used.

Things as a SUB I think would be "Good" include:
  • FREE Barber Shop changes (Yea.. not spending CC's on that!)
  • FREE Extraction Costs of Mods/Armor (Hey.. it's a wish list)
  • Exclusive "SUB" Mount mailed to everyone
  • Exclusive "SUB" Pet mailed to everyone
  • Permanent "SUB" Discount in CM - 10% across the board - ANYTHING
  • LEGACY BOOST Awards (IE: certain levels get additional benefits)
  • Example: Legacy 25 - Get's 10% off any CM items/Vendors, Legacy 50 gets 20% off
Reference Link: Why not?
WTB Legacy Bound Ear, Implants, Relics