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06.30.2013 , 06:45 PM | #24
I'm having a similar problem, but the funny thing is that mine is on a MALE toon and it seems to be giving me the "chest strap" that's supposed to only be on the female version of the outfit. My graphical glitch covers my entire upper body in a solid color under the straps so it shows as if I were wearing a spandex long sleeve shirt. I have the costume on a different server (Harbinger) and it's fine. I re-rolled the character on Bastion and I get a different version of the top after paying to release it to my entire account.

Here is the side-by-side comparison of the two servers

I'm really hoping they respond to this issue pretty soon. I've tried contacting them in several different ways and all I seem to get is silence. They even closed my bug ticket without responding to me.