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06.30.2013 , 02:15 PM | #115
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Wheter his now gone signature was true or fake, I have no idea.

What's for sure is that FROG is not even remotely close for having any tie, link or relationship with that retard. Our GM already ackowledged publicly Severity Gaming's first place in this very thread and no one from FROG is discussing or arguing, publicly or in private, on the legit nature of SG' world first.

I hope I was clear enough on that matter.

EDIT : Ariss, dude, before you starts the fingers pointing, maybe just do a quick search on Battosei previous posts, I think it would have been very enlightening.
Oh I know he's not linked to Frog. I have no problem with you guys at all. I like Mana and Weenea and frequent their streams. I was merely pointing out that the signature he removed showed he was on the same sever as Frog and it appeared as if he's just unhappy that a US guild beat out a EU guild. No worries man.