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will not argue with a person devoid of intelligence, I leave you in your trip geek who cries he speaks of his other guild
You shut your mouth when you're talking to Thinmints! He's our raid leader and is probably responsible for most of our strategy so your intelligence comment is badly misplaced. As for competition, we never were more than 1 boss ahead of Frog and Chosen. We killed DG, then they kill DG. We killed Operator and then they did as well. We killed Kephess and then they did as well and we know we killed TFB first so it sure seems like 3 guilds were very much in a competitive race.

The inaccuracies of your comments along with being on the same server as Frog hints that you're really just butt hurt that we cleared it before they did. If my assumption is wrong, oh well... but that's really what it looks like. GL to everyone else still trying to clear the instance. Keep at it!