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06.30.2013 , 10:14 AM | #5
As someone who's never watched the show, hardcore doctor who fans to me are like... hardcore gilmore girls fans. Or Charmed fans. Or Angel fans. I say... you people and your shows... I don't get ya.

"Uly, why not watch a few episodes before you go judgin it?"

What, you want me to fire up the VPN and pirate episodes one by one or something? A whole season? That's a lot of work. It takes me two or three weeks to finally get around to watching attack on titan episodes. And I love attack on titan. I'm worn out afterwards. The high seas are a cruel mistress.

"Uly, why not watch it on netflix?"

I ain't made o' money. I work 15 hours a week for minimum wage and live with my mother who I secretly hate and fantasize about the girlfriend I'll never have. All of this is relevant to the conversation. Don't say it isn't. That's hating. NO H8. See, I'm hip. I'm down. I know what the cool kids are sayin.
YES, they deserve to die! And I hope they burn in hell! -Mace Windu, on the subject of Wookiees