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So yes, it is of no use. Also, I think I'd kick a member for gathering mats in a FP, unless they asked and we all agreed. It's so slow, I'd rather get my run over with.
Damn, I would be so happy to run FPs with you ... especially as I run either tank or healer, so I could care less if ppl would (try) to kick me (just some more ppl added to my ignore list).

Do you kick players without rocket boosts and sprint/scamper as class ability too? ... I mean those slackers really slow down a FP run.

On topic - complaining about the fix of a broken ability on a forum is silly.
Then getting upset about ppl replying to your thread in reference to the title, especially as you went for a generalized 'biochem sux' title is even more than silly.

Biochem is nowhere near useless in FPs or OPS, unless your only reason to take any crewskill is in the intention to abuse a bug.

Slightly offtopic: You're upset as well that the augment bolster bug got fixed? I mean why buy green augments if they don't serve any purpose at lvl 55 ...