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Useless because you can't use it in an unintended way that really wasnt all that special to begin with? /facepalm
Edit: I really wishI wasn't on my pos phone so I could quote the dude the poster above did. But did you REALLY just say youd kick someone for gathering mats in a fp? Not only does that sound like a dbag move to begin with but fps are an AMAZING way to level your crew skills. IMO one of the more enticing reasons to run fps while leveling. You are the kind of person I would kick and not ignore, just so I could hope to be able to do it again.
Agreed kicking someone from an Op or FP just for gathering mats is being extremely stupid. as you stated FP and Ops (depending on which one your doing) are an awesome way to level your gathering crew skills more so than sending you comps on missions that cost you credits and in some cases with nothing to show for it.
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