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Yes, because we all pick our Crew Skills based off of how useful we perceive them to be in flashpoints. This is a travesty and must be rectified! Bioware, please fix Bioanalysis!!!!!!
I am sorry but this statement is way off the mark. There is nothing wrong with Bioanalysis I have 2 characters using it and it has helped me in Flashpoints and operations more times than I can count. And no skills don't need to summon pets for you in Flashpoints or Operations to be useful. Hell It allowed me to provide stims and medpacs for those who had run out during the course of completing the Flashpoint or Operation. As to the summoned pet allowing you to use your heroic moment that is a recurring bug that pops up now and again I have been playing the game since launch and have seen it on and off in the year the game has been running.
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