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Show me the parse please then, because I see no significant damage from it. Gathering mats, does not pertain to OPs/FPs/Heroics in this instance. The thread is purely pointed to the pet. I can gather resources -anywhere- So can any other gathering skill. So yes, that skill, until the parse shows some -amazing- dps for it, is not useful. You can gather mats anywhere, it does not provide anything to the group besides a pet that, and I stress -might- do minute damage. Even while leveling the damage wasn't noticeable, let alone in a 55 hm.

So yes, it is of no use. Also, I think I'd kick a member for gathering mats in a FP, unless they asked and we all agreed. It's so slow, I'd rather get my run over with.
Except your title of the thread states no such thing. "Bioanalysis....useless now?" makes no distinction about it only pertaining to the use of pets to obtain a Heroic moment in a FP/OP. Getting all snarky because you made a misleading title to get attention is your own fault.