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CHRONICLES PRESENT, 61: In which Nalenne finds a direction or two

Nostalgia is scarcely the word
When certain old names are re-heard.
A place best forgotten
When first declared rotten
Still sucks on the second or third.


Time period: After Scourge’s betrayal

Kira passed them the word.

“So,” Quinn said dramatically. “We return to Balmorra.”

“Again?” cried a bright-eyed Rutau.

“Again?” groaned Nalenne.

“It’ll beat Taris, at any rate,” said Pandorr.

“And Hoth,” said Ritter.

“I know literally nothing about the place,” said Durmat.

“The Emperor’s will will be ascendant on that cursed planet this time!” said Hareth.

“There won’t be any rituals,” asserted Quinn, sotto voce.

Hareth cleared her throat. “No, of course not.”


The Method tore through space, returning to the site of some of Insanity Company’s greatest memories. Or absence of memories thanks to chemical intervention.

Nalenne was planning, for once. She had her concerns as she approached Broonmark. “I was just thinking. Can you make a stim strong to keep Rutau in fighting shape throughout the battle this time?”

“Fully replacing Sith clan’s self-preservation failure with mechanical parts and adding fully redundant limbs might help,” blorped Broonmark. “Nothing less is likely to make a difference.”

“Well, it was worth asking.”


Vette found her practicing menacing poses with her lightsaber in her quarters. The Twi’lek let herself in.

“Hi,” said Nalenne, eyeing her curiously.

“Hey. Had a question.”

“Sure.” She paid close attention; she was finding a vague pang of guilt over having neglected her non-warlike friends lately.

“I’ve been thinking. Would you be up for coming on a Nar Shaddaa outing next week? There's this festival they have every year down in the Nautolan projects - sounds sketchy, is sketchy, but it's a great time, and I figured a week-long vacation..."

Nalenne arched her brow ridges. “You mean a week-long bender.”

“That’s what I said. Still. That’s where I scored that Dark Son first printing last time I got to go. I thought you and me and Jaesa…I mean, we can go back to the campaign of terror after, don’t get me wrong, can’t get enough of that, but…just a few girls’ days off?”

“You said the magic words.”

Vette considered. “The comic book ones?”


Vette grinned. “We’re on, then. As soon as this disaster’s over.”
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