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To those doing the QQ this got nerfed... "Get over it". No really, this is silly. A good solid NiM that is a challenge is really cool, but the facts are pretty obvious that 4, 5 maybe 6 guilds actually CLEARED the DG NiM Pre-Nerf? This is an entertainment business that BW/EA has to maintain for THOUSANDS of customers and not just the 30-60 people that are skilled enough and determined enough to become "FIRST" at that hardest stuff on the server. I love the NiM content and thinks it's pretty close to workable for many more guilds soon to finish Min/Max of 72 gear. (Different thread for <insert gear stat = crap>)

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i believe DGs was hard, and it was HardCore raiding, but not that much, the hardest fight in the encounter should be the last one, in a long Ops like SaV, if you give me last 2 just as hard as NiM Dg even harder, and the rest "hard" like DG after nerf, then thats what everyone wants... 5 bosses to kill, that will take few days, maybe 1 week, then 2 fights that should take 1-2-3 weeks each, because you need both "great performance" plus the 5-10 pieces of loot from the other 5 bosses are useful after wiping for 1-2-3 weeks, on each boss...
Totally agree with Carlenux on this one! Some feedback on S&V NiM was heard about Thrasher being a bit overtuned.
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Honestly, I think the issue with the DG was that they were the second boss. I like the idea of the last boss being as hard as pre-30 second added to enrage timer DG, then the penultimate boss being as hard as the current DG..
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hardest boss should be the last or last 2 so that guilds can spend a few weeks farming the earlier bosses for gear that theyll need to overcome the last encounter
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I do agree, we spent ~40% of our time in NiM TFB on Dread Guards alone. We should have had to spend that time on Terror (But sadly, Terror as it stands is a poor fight. Exceptionally repetitive and boring).
Sounds like a LOT of people agree that FUTURE NiM content should move the "Ball crushing, butt kicking" bosses to the back of the line and add some MEAT to the loot drops on them while at it. Risk needs to provide reward! DG NiM should have dropped the "BEST" 75 Gear in all of the OP as it is the most difficult out of all the bosses. (So I've heard/read)

Maybe you should x2 the Gear dropped in DG NiM and then tone down that gear as they are nerfed over time? (Just a thought to reward some of the best hardcore guilds clearing and give a carrot to others to not wait for NERFS?)

Oh yea.. PLEASE SEPARATE NiM & HM lockouts! S&V NiM should have a separate lockout for NiM / HM (Retro do the same for TFB NiM / HM as well).
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